Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hi my name is Stephanie Gouskos. I am from Rockville, Maryland which is just outside of Washington, D.C. I study at Salisbury University. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education with an minor in Psychology. I will be graduating from my University in May. I am the first of my family to go to University. I am beyond excited to be learning new methods of teaching here in New Zealand! I will be at Riverdale Primary School for the next 7 weeks. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!  


Congratulations to Ethan 'Batman' Knauer!

He has gained himself a Candyland Press Pass.  Ethan is a brilliant Self Manager and a wonderful writer.  We are so proud of him.  EVERYONE clapped and cheered when Mrs Lunn awarded him is flash new Candyland Press Pass on Friday!  
Well done Ethan.


On Friday we held our inaugural Piako 2 Whanau Assembly.  
The teachers asked us what we wanted to have in our assembly and we brainstormed a HUGE list of ideas like decorations, certificates, children sharing their learning, songs and so much more.
Sophie B suggested we dress up.  The teachers sent home a note asking our families if we could bring something to wear on Friday afternoon so we'd look fancy!

Check out the photos of us at Piako 2 Whanau.  We had so much fun and well done to the kids who presented, and shared shared their learning this week.

This is Miss G.  She is our Intern teacher all the way from AMERICA!
She has come to learn about how we learn in New Zealand.
We are really lucky to have her.  In this photo we are giving her some Kiwi treats for the weekend like Pineapple Lumps, Milo and Tim Tams!  YUM!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Tonight was the Duathlon.  We had great fun competing and earning valuable house points!

Here are a few photos the teachers took.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Today in Maths we made a Human Clock so we could see what time it is.

 It's 12o'clock
 It's 9 o'clock

It's 5 o'clock

We had great fun!

Monday, February 22, 2016


Today in Maths we talked the difference between seconds and minutes.  We classified which activities would take seconds to complete of minutes.

 Some children made a cool Number Tower today.
We practiced our numbers in Maths.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Check out these awesome stories inspired by this picture...



"On your marks, get set ... go!"  yelled the big teacher.  Heaps of kids came with fast feet running around the concrete track ... then the kids saw a red apple house.  Mr Ant peeked out of the little window in the red apple house.

"Yikes!  Quick!  Pack up a few things and open the door and run for your life."  

The red apple house made a really big ... splash.  The ants got all splashed.  The ants went to find a new house.  They had found a new house just in time for dinner.

By Ethan


"On your marks!  Get set!  Go!"  yelled the teacher.  The ginormous lot of kids ran and ran and ran as fast as their tiny legs could ever go.

But there was an apple in the way there were tiny ants in the green apple and Mr Ant peeked out of the tiny peeked out of the tiny window and he saw millions of kids running so Mr Ant yelled.

"Pack your stuff and run for you lives" and they got out and they were safe.
"That was hard work." said Mr Ant.

By Aaron


"Aaaa!" Daddy worm screamed.  There was a herd of kids racing towards his shiny red apple house.
"Run for your lives or you'll be squashed to death."

So they all packed and climbed a tree.

"We'll be safe here,"  said Mummy worm.
"...but not my apple house,"  Daddy worm cried because his apple house was being squashed.


On a sunny day the school went for a long run along the school field.  And when a boy came, he almost stepped on a little red apple.   He stopped right in time.  
The father ant shouted "Pack up your stuff and run for your life."  
At last they found a nice house and they were safe.

By Aeva


We had such a great time with Mrs Ruawai on Friday.
We made fruit kebabs!
Here are a few photos of us making our kebabs and eating them too!
We had to concentrate REALLY hard so we didn't prick ourselves with the skewer.
Mrs Ruawai even bought us some marshmallows to put on too.
Thanks Mrs Ruawai - we had a great time! 


On Friday, we had Artist Hour with Mrs Lunn and Miss Crowther.  
We are making self-portraits but with a twist!
We have to draw ourselves as what we want to be when we grow up.  
In this photo you can see Kalas.  He wants to be an engineer. 
 He'd like to design and build huge bridges.  
We think he would make an awesome engineer.

In case you are wondering why Kalas has dots on his forehead - don't worry they are not measles!  They are Brain-dots.  They show that Kalas has been working super hard :-)


In the mornings before school, some of us get together to play with all the cool toys in Piako 2.  
Here are a couple of our early morning creations...


Mrs Ruawai and the other teachers were so proud of two of our friends that they were given a certificate.  Both Parneet and Tiahorangi are gaining confidence in the pool and are improving their skills every day.  Well done guys!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


What in the world is that!!!

It is a Girutle.
Well that is a bit strange because it is a giraffe head on a turtle body.

"Can we get one?"
"Yes we can,"

By Sophie


Zoom! Zoom!
Out of the room came a blue tongue lizard.
"Come back, come back!"
But ... the lizard was too far away...

Brrm, brrm.
"Pull over!" said the Police.
"Show us your Lizard Licence."

By Kalas


The Queen came out grumpy!
"Come back here!"
Those sneaky, cheeky corgis had escaped and had a holiday in Hawaii.
"Yay, we're in Hawaii!"  
The corgis went down the steps.
Clip clop.  
Clip clop, went the dogs going down the brick steps.
They had fancy drinks in their paws.

By Ethan

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We have been learning to tell the time with clocks.

We know the clock has two hands and the short hand is the hour hand.  The long hand is the minute hand.  If we have an analogue clock at home please can you help us by getting us to tell the time - the o'clock times are the easiest for us at the moment.

Here is a photo of us learning a new time song.


In Maths we have been learning our Doubles and Halves.

You can help us at home by asking us things like

3+3 etc

and then...

What is half of 8?
Half of 7?
Half of 6? etc

This will really help us.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pass the Hoop!

Today we played pass the hoop with Miss Crowther. We had to work as a team to pass the hoop around the circle as quickly as possible.we had lots of fun and Miss C was pretty impressed with how well we communicated with each other during this challenge! 


We had so much fun this afternoon.  

We did some more team building activities.  With Mrs Lunn we played Hop in the Rabbit Hole.  First we had to balance the hoop on four cones and then we had to see how many children we could fit inside the hoop.  The best group could fit seven kids in and Timothy the Bear!  

We needed to work together as a team to be able to succeed in this challenge.