Sunday, February 21, 2016


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"On your marks, get set ... go!"  yelled the big teacher.  Heaps of kids came with fast feet running around the concrete track ... then the kids saw a red apple house.  Mr Ant peeked out of the little window in the red apple house.

"Yikes!  Quick!  Pack up a few things and open the door and run for your life."  

The red apple house made a really big ... splash.  The ants got all splashed.  The ants went to find a new house.  They had found a new house just in time for dinner.

By Ethan


"On your marks!  Get set!  Go!"  yelled the teacher.  The ginormous lot of kids ran and ran and ran as fast as their tiny legs could ever go.

But there was an apple in the way there were tiny ants in the green apple and Mr Ant peeked out of the tiny peeked out of the tiny window and he saw millions of kids running so Mr Ant yelled.

"Pack your stuff and run for you lives" and they got out and they were safe.
"That was hard work." said Mr Ant.

By Aaron


"Aaaa!" Daddy worm screamed.  There was a herd of kids racing towards his shiny red apple house.
"Run for your lives or you'll be squashed to death."

So they all packed and climbed a tree.

"We'll be safe here,"  said Mummy worm.
"...but not my apple house,"  Daddy worm cried because his apple house was being squashed.


On a sunny day the school went for a long run along the school field.  And when a boy came, he almost stepped on a little red apple.   He stopped right in time.  
The father ant shouted "Pack up your stuff and run for your life."  
At last they found a nice house and they were safe.

By Aeva

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