Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Happy 100 Days of School!

Today we celebrated being 100 days smarter.  The teachers decorated the classrooms with balloons and streamers and we spent all day having fun with the number 100.  It was a great day fulled with fun, self-management, creativity and teamwork.  Here are a few photos of our day...

Here's Ethan practising his skip counting in 10s to 100

Here's Quinn making a 100 monster and Kale getting set to make a paper chain with 100 links!  Lucky for Kale some friends came to help him and they made the chain together.  Otherwise poor Kale would've been making his paper chain all night!

We made fairy bread with 100s and 1000s (we loved this activity)

We each had to bring a collection of 100 things to school.  We have some very creative parents who helped us think of cool ideas of what to bring!

Yum!  Fairy bread!

Quinn and Katie making their 100 monsters

Zena and Lucy busy making a paper chain with 100 links!  Great teamwork girls!

Blake, Lahquan, Zak and Riley with their fantastic cup tower with, you guessed it, 100 cups!
Alex's collection of 100 Maltesers.

Briahna and her paper chain.  She had 22 links at this point and realised she needed another 8 to get to 30 and then another 70 to get to 100.  Clever cookie!

Oliver, Will and Dylan working on 100 board puzzles

Ta-da!  We did it!  Great teamwork boys.

Quinn and Adam with another cup tower creation.

Quinn, Emily and Nicole trying to write 100 word!  That's a lot of words!
We'd like to thank our Mums and Dads for bringing us to school each day and for helping us at home to become so smart.  Our teachers are really proud of us and we hope you are too.

Love form Piako Rua


  1. We have noticed such a change in Ethan over these 100 days, it's been fantastic - thank you, Miss Crowther & Mrs Ruawai for everything you do!

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