Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Today the Giraffes 2 Reading group, asked if they could come up with the challenge for Tech Thursday. 

After reading a journal article about making shoes, the kids decided that that would be a great idea for Tech Thursday!

Zak, Katie, Aaron, Lucy, Dylan, Kalas and Riley H made the slideshow and came up with the success criteria.

They even introduced the Challenge to the class today...

First we had to brainstorm...

We came up with some amazing ideas...

Sophie M and Alexa made some pretty improvements to Mrs Lunn's shoes...

Savannah S made shoes that transform from Summer shoes to Winter shoes!

Samantha and Petra's shoes come complete with spy glasses!

Mrs Peck came to try on a few shoes.  Here she is trying on Igor's flipper shoes.  They'll be perfect when it rains when she is on Road Patrol Duty!

We had to Refelct on our shoes.  

What a great Tech Thursday... Thanks Giraffes 2!

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