Friday, March 11, 2016


On Friday, we were lucky to have Belinda and three of her fellow firefighters come to see us.  They were talking to us all about the learning that we are going to do over the coming few weeks.  

We are going to be doing the Firewise programme as part of our Inquiry (which we will find out more about next week).  Today Belinda and her friends were our Hook.  They were there to help get us excited about our future learning.  And excited we sure were!  We'd only just begun our session in the hall and the firefighters got a call and they had to go!  We saw them sprint off down the driveway to their fire truck and zoom off with the siren going!  Exciting!
Luckily it was a false alarm at one of the buildings in town and so they could come back and see us.  
They even showed us their fire truck and we got to ask lots of questions.

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