Sunday, March 13, 2016


Mrs Peck wrote us a letter. 
She thinks our playground is a bit boring and so she
has asked us if we would like to make it better.  
We have to be careful with what activities and games we 
play in our playground but 
Mrs Peck has emphasised that we need to be safe.

We need to be mindful (that means think about)
 keeping the pre-schoolers that come in the morning safe.  
We also need to keep ourselves safe so we need to 
know how to get out of the playground if there is a fire, 
and to make sure we don’t get sunburnt.  
We have a bit of thinking to do.

In our home-rooms we brainstormed all our 
ideas about what we equipment 
we could get to go in the playground and how to 
keep ourselves and our siblings safe.

Then we shared our ideas with the other home-rooms. 
We thought of some cool ideas!
Mrs Ruawai wants a coke waterfall and Alex W wants
a spa pool!
We might need a bigger budget if we are getting those


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