Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today was one of the best days ever in Piako Rua.  As the ACT part of our Inquiry, we had a Blessing and Celebration. Pa Jack and Mrs Peck came as our special guests today. These are some of the recounts the children wrote today.

Today we had a fun celebration because it is nearly the end of school and the playground is changed.  There was a sandpit and a hopscotch.  I said “Wow, Wow!”  Today is a special celebration.  I scurried very fast to school.  At school we made fairy bread and fruit kebabs and popcorn.  Then we got to see the new playground.  Pa Jack and Mrs Peck cut the ribbon.  We sang our song and Pa Jack spoke and we have visitors.  After the visitors went home it was our morning-tea time and then we did writing.

By Nicole

Today it was a celebration in Piako Rua.  We made fairy bread in Wonderland. It was so good.  We had visitors.  We had people talking.  Pa Jack had a talk to say.  Then we let the visitors get food first.  Then Mrs Peck and Pa Jack cut the yellow shiny ribbon and we all had a play.

By Sophie M

“Uh-hmm,” groaned Pa Jack as he got his voice ready.  At the same time I hid behind Naomi (who is the tallest child in the class) because I was a little bit nervous.  Then he started his speech.  “Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou, katoa,” he said.  Then he blessed our playground.  They put in a sandpit, a target throw, four square, hopscotch and other cool games.  Meanwhile, the teachers were choosing a few children to start eating fairy bread.  Then, you know, the rest of class.  Now our playground is all blessed and I hope we play happily ever after.

By Aidan

I was so happy to open our new playground. The favourite part for me was the popcorn. It was the best day ever.  Mrs Peck, Pa Jack, Mrs Mercer and Miss Harnett came.  I loved this day.

By Emily

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