Sunday, September 4, 2016


One day a woman wanted to  have lettuce.  The husband raced to the witch's garden and the witch caught him stealing her cabbages. "... But my wfe really wants them." he said.
"You can have them only if you give me your first born child to me." said the witch.
"oh ok that's a deal." said the husband sadly.

When the woman had a child, the witch stole her.  The witch said "I will call you Rapunzel."
She got bigger and bigger.  "Rapunzel let down your golden hair." called the prince.  Her  hair flung down.  The prince climbed up the tower.

"Oh a handsome prince!"  The witch climbed up the tower and the prince was still up there.  The witch got very very angry.  She yelled  "get out!" 

The prince climbed down the tower and jumped on his horse and galloped away into the desert,

By Erica 

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