Thursday, September 1, 2016

Buddy reading

In the Jungle on Thursdays, the Giraffes reading group listen to a buddy read their book.
At the end they ask the buddy 2 questions about what they have read.
 If they get the answers right, the Giraffe reads to them using their best fluency and expression.
 If they don't answer correctly they have to find the answer in the text and read it to the Giraffe. Then the Giraffe shares their story. They make sure they are practising effective communicating skills!!!

It is a pleasure to watch these buddies enjoying sharing their learning together! They support each other so well! Ka pai tamariki ma!!!

After this Hareem skipped off down the corridor with Sophie M. thanking her buddy for listening to her read!!! Precious!

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  1. Well done guys. I am so proud of you working together to help each other with your learning. Love from Mrs Lunn