Tuesday, October 11, 2016


WALT:  Make and continue a sequential pattern.
WALT:  Say the rule for a pattern

Today in Maths we made patterns with bears, beans and other different objects.  We had to make a pattern and out friend had to continue the pattern.

Then we had to say the rule for the pattern. 

We had great fun
Oliver made a ABB pattern and Riley W made an ABCDE pattern!

Nate made a AABBCC pattern for Koen to read

Zoe made an ABC pattern for Sophie M and Ella to read

Ming-Mae was colouring in a pattern with a given rule

Kale and Monty made a ABCD pattern

Leah and Zena were colouring patterns in

Mia made a ABCD pattern

Alex W and Molly W made a ABB pattern

Aaron got tricky with a ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP pattern!  Now that's creative!

Kalas, Sophie B and Zak made patterns on the pegboards

Cate made a ABCDE pattern

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