Thursday, October 20, 2016


Today we received a letter from the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Their bridge got washed away in a flood last week and they need our help to build a new one.  They certainly asked the right people ... we were hooked!

First we watched the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, just to refresh our memories ...

Here's the Criteria we had to meet:

·        Your bridge need to be able to hold us (we weigh about the same as three maths teddies)
·        It must be able to stand up by itself
·        It must be creative (we love creative things)
·        It must be able to stretch over our river which is 30cm wide (you might need your teacher to show you how wide that it)

Next we WONDERED what we could do to help the Billy Goats Gruff.  So we decided to complete a brainstorm sheet...

After that we decided we needed to EXPLORE how bridges are built so we watched You Tube clips on which bridges are the strongest.

We wrote notes on our EXPLORE sheet.  

We used these ideas when we came up with our plan...

Now it was time to ACT.  
We worked together to make some amazing bridges for the Billy Goats...

 We had to test that our bridge was strong enough to hold 3 Maths Teddies
 (that how much the Goats weigh)
Sean and Alex's group, tested their bridge.  It was hold enough to hole Sean!

Once or bridges were finished we had to complete a REFLECT sheet....

And we got to share our bridges with our friends.  
We were able to REFLECT on whose bridge met the Billy Goats Gruff Success Criteria...

We had great fun today and we are super pleased we were able to help the Three BIlly Goats Gruff.

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