Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Today we opted into workshops that would help us build GREAT bird feeders.  We were able to choose from a Strength Workshop, Durability Workshop or a What Do Birds Like to Eat Workshop.

In the Birds Workshop, we threw some bread and bird seed to the birds to see what they liked to eat the best.  Our hypothesis (our prediction) was that the more birds would eat one type of food than the other.

In the other workshops we tested the different materials to find out which ones were stronger and more durable.  Knowing this will help us decide which materials to use to make our bird feeders.

In the Birds Workshop, we decided that we would know which food birds liked, by feeding them some different foods to eat.  We brainstormed ideas of what we know birds eat and came up with two types of food - bread and birdseed.  We thought we would spread the food in two different areas on the court so we could clearly see which food they liked best.  There was a definite winner!  Check out the photos...

 Here we are sprinkling bread crumbs on the ground...

Two birds came to eat the bird seed...

But look how many birds came to eat the bread!!!

We have a winner!

The birds like bread the best!

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