Thursday, May 5, 2016


Yesterday we WONDERED how many birds are flying around our school.  So we went out and surveyed them,  We found out that in our Piako 2 Playground and outside the front of Piako 2 we saw no birds on the ground.  But over by where we eat lunch by Piako 1, we saw quite a few birds eating our lunch crumbs!  Aidan came to the conclusion that we will not need to put our bird feeders over by Piako 1 because the birds already have something to eat.  Clever thinking Aidan!

We found out that most birds we saw were up in the sky.  We decided we'd need to hang our bird feeders up high.

Next we brainstormed all our ideas about how we could help the birds.  We thought about who we could get to help us and we thought about WHY we should help the birds.  Savannah S came up with a great thought.  She said that unless we help them, there is no one else who can.  What insightful thinking Savannah.

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