Sunday, May 15, 2016


On Thursday, we finished our two week unit on Length. Our final activity was to measure how big a Tyrannosaurus Rex was.  Mrs Lunn found out that they were 6M tall.  So we set out to find out how many children that could be the same as.  Now because we were not able to stand on each others heads, we decided we'd better do our measuring lying down!

We wondered how we would measure 6M with just one, 1M ruler.  One of the kids suggested we could lie the ruler down and mark the end of it and then move the ruler along and measure another metre.  This worked a treat.

Once we had measured 6M we got some kids to lie down and see how many kids it takes to equal 6M.  It took 5 kids!  That's how tall a Tyrannosaurus Rex is!  We then drew a life size T-Rex.  Some of us wrote maths equations on our dinosaurs.  We called our dinosaur a Math-o-saurs Rex!

What fun!

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