Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Today was a super exciting Tech-Tuesday.  Rapunzel wrote to ask asking for our help!  Even though she has been rescued from her tower, she still wants to be able to go up there because it has a wonderful view of all of Storybook Land.  Rapunzel asked us to think of a CREATIVE way to help her go up and down the tower.  She certainly asked the right people.  Creative thinking is what we do best!  We worked together to brainstorm our ideas and then we settled on a solution.  We planned our design and gathered the materials we needed.  Then we started to make our solution.  We had to practice taking turns, working cooperatively and being EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS.  Our teachers thought we did a splendid job.  This afternoon we each wrote a letter to Rapunzel to tell her all about our ideas.

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