Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reading practice

WOW! We are so impressed with your children's reading development! There are so many children who have now moved from 'learning to read' to 'Reading to learn'.

This is just a reminder that it is just as important for your child to be read to and with, to ensure their continued reading development and in particular how good readers read. Now that the children are reading independently sometimes we will not have reading on an individual basis everyday for instructional reading as these other important reading behaviours are being reinforced and consolidated through buddy reading, reading instructions in authentic situations. Therefore, your child may not have a new reading book from school each and every day.
We completely agree that the children need to read in some shape or form every day, and so encourage you to read a chapter or picture book from home together. Maybe you could go to the library and read together, or read a chapter book to them. This helps with reading stamina and memory (which I know lots of you do already).

A suggestion would be to read the school newsletter together and discuss the goings on at school every other Thursday or read the blog. You could even practise writing by commenting on blog posts too.  There are Literacy links and songs on the blog too.  A lot of valuable reading learning that is real life and authentic can come from this.

Mostly though, enjoy your relaxed reading time with each other.
This is a link I found that could be interesting for you to read.
Reading needs to be enjoyable and not a chore!

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